Cloud Based Application Security Testing

In the last decade, cloud computing has completely changed how IT services are delivered. Low maintenance costs and easy-to-set-up have been two major factors leading to the global adoption of cloud-based services; though security continues to be a hurdle. Cloud Security Testing has emerged as a new service model wherein security-as-a-service providers perform on-demand application security testing exercises in the cloud. This essentially allows an organization to save costs, while at the same time, maintaining a secure application.

With the number of applications being developed, increasing exponentially at minimum time-to-market, application security testing is slowly growing in its significance. In traditional software development models, one could ignore security testing altogether or consider it as the last phase,but the same is not the case with modern-day applications. At present, applications are easily accessible for genuine users as well as attackers. Hence, an organization requires a robust application security strategy to minimize the chances of an attack and maximize the level of security. An ideal application security testing activity should also consider relevant hardware, software, and procedures supporting the application in the background.

Cloud Security Testing is one of the many services offered by TopCertifier, the global consulting and certification solutions provider. Cloud Security Testing is largely mandated across various industries and sectors. We deliver Cloud Security Testing services across Faridabad like Vinay Nagar, LIG Colony, New Palasia, Ashish Nagar. etc.

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