Requirements for the Accreditation of Inspection Bodies

The quality and reliability of products/ services of any company is assessed by certain inspection bodies. These bodies require a regulatory certification to ensure their competence, impartiality and consistency of their activities during inspection. So, the ISO 17020 standard was introduced.

As defined by ISO 17020, certification encompasses all activities carried out by an inspection body, including the examination of processes, procedures, and services to determine their conformity, as well as the reporting of results for the Operation to promote confidence in the bodies conducting the check. Conformity and results reporting are provided by inspection bodies to their private clients, parent organizations, or authorities.

The ISO 17020 conformity assessment requirements for the functioning of various types of bodies were created to increase confidence in and uniformity of their inspection activities. Supervisory authorities compel these organizations to comply with their services as well as harmonized standards that are unquestionably accepted by clients.

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