Evaluate an organization’s information system according to the 5 trust service criteria principles

A SOC 2 Certification in Faridabad ensures information security, availability, processing integrity, and privacy. These elements are critical success factors when dealing with sensitive customer data. The risk control framework, as well as the associated controls and procedures for monitoring the risk control framework, are described in a SOC 2 report. The report is written by the Trust Services Criteria, which provides a set of criteria for security, availability, processing integrity, and privacy to keep up with the global economy's rapid growth of cloud computing and business outsourcing challenges. SOC 2 requires only the security criteria, which is also called Common Criteria. SOC 2 audits provide external validation that these criteria are met.

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SOC 2 offers connections to core markets as many public sector organizations require that their IT service suppliers demonstrate compliance with SOC 2. It assures the customers that their service needs to be met. Improvements in process functionality are rendered by the SOC 2 standard. It provides sustainable distinction by showing reliability and good service efficiency.

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